The Matrix of the Hindu Mind

Christians, typically, have pre-conditioned ideas about the rudimentary pagan-ness of Hinduism with its thirty million gods. But we understand so little. Driving to and fro in Kolkata, I observed how each cabbie had his pictures of gods or goddesses, sort of like the picture of the mother Mary hanging from mirrors in Mexico.  I noticed […]

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Racism and Religious Adherence

I am against racism in all forms. It’s sad that more is not said against the religious version of this discriminatory evil. In going to this place, I realize that I am delving into a sensitive subject matter here. As a caveat to Christians desiring to be lights of influence, let me just say that […]

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Half the Battle

I just talked with my friend, Dana, who is reading my book, and she expressed how timely it was since she has a new atheist friend, and also brand new Muslim neighbors, headscarf (they call it “hijab”) and all! Before we hung up, I mentioned that half the battle is getting relationships moving in the […]

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My Fight Through Fear

I have never gone on a mission without the fear factor. The recent excursion to Africa, Egypt and India was no exception. It reminded me of 1986, when a trip to the Philippines nearly got scuttled due to the coup d’état of Ferdinand Marcos. Very déjà vu-like, departing to Egypt in the wake of the […]

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10/40 Window Gut Impressions

Over the next month, I will be blogging on my recent visit to Africa, Egypt and India. As a disclaimer, the reason I haven’t written yet is because I’ve been under a publishing deadline. The first four pieces (more to be added later) of my Missional Engagement Series are completed and sent! Thank God. My […]

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Got Gospel Clarity?

Earlier this year, I went to a two-day training session for church leaders, and when the evangelism subject surfaced, they asked each table to discuss the process they used to reach unbelievers. Of course, I love these conversations! But I bit my tongue, and tried to listen to what others were doing and thinking. As […]

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