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Redefining Mission Empowerment in the Church

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For Such A Time As This

Along with the difficulties of shepherding a spiritual community, church leaders today face the unprecedented challenge of reaching an increasingly distant culture. For such a time as this, Soul Whisperer Ministries (SWM) works with pastors and ministry leaders to raise the mission competencies of their members.

And let’s be completely candid about this aim.

Dial Up Your Gospel-Influence Skills

Anywhere you look in the church-world, a glaring gap exists between the pulpit’s passion for Christ’s mission – and the pew’s prowess to fulfill it. We offer innovative content and a unique training process to close that gap. SWM’s three tracks of training and book resources will significantly dial up the gospel-influence skills and mission-empowering capacities of your leaders and members.

Our Partnering Promise

To help you: Train better, multiply stories, and do what is necessary to realize your God-given, kingdom dreams!

What is Unique About our Training?


We take a deeper “influence” approach that makes mission training more exciting and effective for your church members. (Note: If your training isn’t discovery-based and dynamic, scrap it!)

When it comes to a church’s or group’s missional formation, inspiration alone is overrated. Your people will not rise from passionate appeals, but rather from how specific and developed your training environment becomes.

We designed a 4-fold template for teaching leaders how to shape mission culture, and we defined 10 mission skills that all Christians should learn and practice. Thus, our adage: Skills precede the story; the gospel story, that is! In fact, we believe in our training so much—that we’ll give your money back if you do not see higher gospel results through your people, ministries, and mission endeavors. What we have seen in lives, story-after-story, church-after-church, is that if you combine relational deepening with faith-sharing “know how,” the gospel movement takes off!


Book Resources

ReMission the book by Gary Comer


Helps pastors and teams to raise the body's mission health and gospel effectiveness.

Soul Whisperer book by Gary Comer

Soul Whisperer

Teaches Christians the deep influence pattern of Christ. Reframes evangelism into a relational process paradigm.

Missional Engagement Series by Gary Comer

Missional Engagement Series

Group/Class guides: to reach unbelievers, disciple newer believers, empower small groups.

What Church and Mission Leaders are Saying...

Systematic, insightful, and paradigm shifting. Comer introduces a fresh way to engage your churches into the mission of God through his ReMission model. Work through this with your lead team and enter into a new day of missional engagement and kingdom transformation in your city.
Daniel Im
Director of NewChurches
A rigorous, hope-filled rethinking of our central mission and what it will take to fulfill it. Every serious Christian will benefit by engaging with this important book.
Mark Mittelberg
Bestselling Author of Becoming a Contagious Christian
ReMission is not just a book title, it is a clarion call and deeply resonating theme that applies to every living, breathing Christian.
Will Mancini
Founder, Auxano. Author, God Dreams







Gary Comer, DMin

Ministry Founder, Author

Invite Gary to Speak

By sermons and seminars, Gary will inspire and equip your church for greater mission effectiveness. Pastors and teams will learn new ways to train their members, and how to shape a culture that better produces disciple-making disciples. Gary teaches his signature “influence skills” through many biblical and real-life stories — skills that are absolutely vital in today’s postmodern context. 
The Soul Whisperer seminar training was phenomenal.
Jim Roden
Senior Pastor, The Journey Church
Having heard him speak multiple times now, I know of no other person who is as dialed-in to reaching today's postmodern culture as Gary Comer.
Dr. Gary McIntosh
Professor, Talbot Seminary
There are plenty of good reads out there on evangelism, but for my money Gary’s done the finest job to date of explaining how to bear effective witness in contemporary American culture.
Lavern (Bud) Brown
Turnaround Pastors
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