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ReMission the book by Gary Comer



Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement

“If we take a sweeping panorama of modern Christendom and boil it down to the crux of our collective issue, I submit the ‘one thing’ that the church needs is ReMission,” says the author. Enter into this thoughtful analysis of our mission predicament, and the proposed solution potent enough to turn the tide.

(335 pages)

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Soul Whisperer book by Gary Comer

Soul Whisperer


Why the Church Must Change the Way It Views Evangelism

What if we changed the face of evangelism? In a time when so many have a negative perception of evangelism, what if a new model was entirely biblical, loaded with skills, and more effective?
(306 pages)

Steps to Faith


Examine beliefs.

In four expandable sessions, this booklet lays a pathway for spiritual exploration. Short thought-provoking vignettes give seeking people a chance to process, resolve head and heart issues, to eventually place their trust in the Lord Jesus! Steps to Faith can be read personally, utilized as a class or interactive group, or a guide for one-to-one evangelistic efforts.

(103 pages)

First Steps Discipleship Training


Turning Newer Believers into Missional Disciples.

As Jesus modeled in his post-resurrection appearances, the church must establish new believers in faith, and empower them for mission! This ten-week course instills six essential practices: Bible devotional pattern, conversational prayer, confessional abiding, church involvement, spreading Christ’s love and message. The overarching vision is to strategically empower new believers from the get-go!

(111 pages)

First Steps Discipleship Training

Leaders Guide ($12.00/ea)

Rooted in research and proven practice, this Leader’s Guide educates in the areas of: Mentoring, Mission, and Methodology. By doing so, it prepares facilitating-leaders to teach a First Steps group or class—in such a way—to maximize the disciple making movement or your church.

(167 pages)

Launch Point


Moving Small Groups into Mission.

This mission study is designed to launch small groups into community-based outreach. As groups gather in their neighborhoods, the eight-week course equips members with “process-sensitive” relational evangelism skills. Groups will be led to touch their community through acts of love, and walk alongside others right into the waters of baptism!

(108 pages)

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