Ode to Christopher

An ode is a lyrical poem. Sometimes it takes something bad to birth those sentiments. A young man I had only briefly journeyed with impulsively took his life. He had attended church that very morning. Getting the word via text I replied, “I m crushed!” Pastor Andrew:  “Me 2.” I knew him from a new […]

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Fear Not Your Dreams

Dreams are a lot like love. Both make you vulnerable. Dreams take you out on a limb. Once you extend yourself—who knows what will happen? You either leap to a higher branch, or fall to your demise! Anyone clinging to a branch faces crazy thoughts:  You fool! You’re a failure. You will always fall short. […]

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From the Mouths of Babes!

The following reflection comes from someone just three months in the faith: Lord, I have done so many things to hurt others and myself. I have lived in the worldly ways for so long that this journey in following you is strange to me. The more I practice the right way to live the more […]

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Hello Blogosphere!

Yes I am officially entering the blogosphere! It’s not what I sought. But without over-spiritualizing, I sense God is behind this. Over the past couple years, I have written almost everyday.  My daily companions are a cup of coffee and my computer. It has become a normal strand of my life fabric. This is what […]

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