Gary Comer

Founder, Soul Whisperer Ministry

Author, Soul Whisperer, ReMission and the Missional Engagement Series

Doctor of Ministry, Professor, Talbot Seminary

With a focus on fulfilling the mission of Christ, we tend to attract “the crème of the crop”! Welcome. If you are like most who check out this website, then you are either a high-level Christian leader or influential mission-minded member. Please know my heart gravitates towards you—toward those who want to make their lives count in the greatest ways for God’s kingdom. I love to work with church pastors and their staffs, but also campus ministers, professors, students, missionaries, church planters, outreach directors, justice champions, writers, artists and visionaries.

It is never lost on me just how vital your kingdom post is to Jesus’ commission, and I am fully aware that many of you have legacies of accomplishment for the LORD already.

But there’s a profound moment that brings us together, isn’t there?

Living in an era when Christian influence is waning in God’s North American stronghold, we find ourselves at one of the more pivotal junctures of modern church history. With huge European-like forces in play reshaping the landscape, many of the past “sure fire” methods of reaching our communities are not getting the same results. Not even close. If you have experienced this shifting ground outside (and perhaps seen deficiencies within your own picture to face it), you are not alone. I have written two major treatises: Soul Whisperer and ReMission, addressing the fact that the church must adapt its methodologies if it is to meet the emerging realities.

Not that we need to throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater, the essentials of the gospel and the biblical foundations of the church will never change, but how we go about pursuing Christ’s call must undergo major overhaul if we are not to shrink further to the margins. Just to give you a feel for what I am talking about, my organization has identified 4 pillars to reshape church culture for missional impact, and also 10 influence skills for every Christian to develop. Both are critical to the discipleship of your people. How much of these two key components are currently being taught and embraced by churches, you ask? My honest answer: Little to nil. With most congregations or groups, they will not even make it on their radar.

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Let’s partner for the gospel’s sake.

Everything that God has ordained in my life and ministry, failures and brokenness included, but also in-depth doctorate research and extensive writing, the experience of working at a postmodern mega congregation for five years, being a coaching director for a church planting organization, and in-field international mission trainer, align to one revisionist aim: We exist to help church leaders realize a new and greater projection for the mission empowerment of their people.

Article: The Case to Redress Evangelism in North America

In 2017, the Great Commission Research Journal published my 19-page article on my case to redress evangelism in a deeper, more theological and practically dynamic way. In my attempt to capture what is occurring culturally, I grouped trends into 1 in 5 quantifiers. Consider:

1 in 5: Americans are non-religious identifiers (ARIS: “nones”).
1 in 5: Millennials (only) are church attenders.
1 in 5: Globally are Muslims.
1 in 5: Pastors (only) are seeing church growth.

What do all these categories tell us? With increasing numbers beyond the church’s immediate “joining circle,” and with so many churches not effectually growing, we must be willing to rethink and rework our strategies. In other words, the predominating mainstay of church, what I have termed “attractional-renewal,” is not sufficiently raising our members to meet the challenge arising before us.

Take heart. There is an answer!

Some have said, “There is no single answer to the decline of the Church in the West.” I disagree. There is only one answer: The remission of the church body. Anything less will fall gravely short in a period of increasing pluralism, and when the culture itself is drifting away from traditional Christianity. Raising the body’s ability to have influence, outside the church, where they live, work and breathe, is the answer, lest we become even more irrelevant, and leave our members short of true Christ-like, missional discipleship.

But this higher equipping goal is never simple to achieve. It summons us to a whole different kind of learning curve. I hope you join me for a rich “how-to-turn-the-tide” conversation by picking up my new book: ReMission: Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement.

Online courses

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Justin Pardee - Young Adult Ministry

"Speaking from a place of authenticity, he demystified evangelism in a way that was both challenging and practical for our students.”

JR Woodward

"Gary Comer writes in a way that pulls us into what he has to say. He captures us through stories and offers proverbial wisdom on how to cultivate an evangelistic culture where everyone learns to share his or her faith in personal and dynamic ways."

Jim Boyd, Senior Pastor

"His workshop exceeded our expectations. Our people learned how to go about building influential relationships with those far from God—which has brought increase in both decisions for Christ and baptisms.”

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