Who We Need to Become

One of the things I take pride in—is my attempt to take the evangelism conversation to a much deeper place. I have often said that Soul Whisperer is in actuality a book on discipleship. By interpreting Christ’s mission skills, it addresses “who” we need to become as influencers.

For the relevance, see if you can follow the processing from a recent book review:

“There is a huge gap between how others will allow me to influence them (and how I want to influence them) and how I’ve been taught to share Christ. The two experiences don’t generally fit together very well. And so even though I’m a passionate Christ follower, that passion sometimes doesn’t translate into personally inviting others to experience Christ for themselves.

In Soul Whisperer, Gary helps me to see a God-vision of myself as a helper for others in their faith journey. He guides us towards becoming a soul whisperer, one who is “simultaneously sensitive to the honed frequency of a unique human being and an intimately personal, soul-seeking God. I whole-heartedly recommend Soul Whisperer as a powerful tool for helping others to discover Christ as well as to spur on your own spiritual formation.” (Angela Ferraro, Amazon).

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