As every person on the planet contemplates their own mortality,

WE MUST EMPOWER GOD'S PEOPLE to grasp this moment for mission.


Are you Ready?

Even before the news of the COVID-19 outbreak began to dominate the airwaves, many solid churches were experiencing plateau or decline, low conversions and missing millennials.

We were not strategically prepared to effectively engage with our increasingly more distant culture.

Coronavirus has thrown us a nasty curve ball.

But it has also provided a golden opportunity.

People are listening, and seeking, and open to exploring their faith.

Pastors and Mission Leaders are positioned to lead their people to Christ’s ultimate aims.

Now, more than ever, Church Leaders must stand tall.

The ReMission process will assist you in equipping your team and your members for greater gospel influence, as you rethink, retrain, and recalibrate for such a time as this.

With this practical hands-on, take-action, real-world program, you can mobilize your church and impact your community like never before.

Along with the videos, the facilitator’s guide and mission graphics are tremendous training vehicles to email out, and then conference over. To address this unique period, we have provided specific input on safe ways to reach others, right now. For this moment, and for the long-term future, this training will prepare your church for bigger growth ahead.

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ReMission Author Gary Comer with Pastor Mike Lee

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