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Good coaching draws out the best in the leader. 

Gary‘s focus in these sessions is to deepen the leader’s mission philosophy: “From the depths of the leader flows the empowerment of the people.” Sessions will address the character, wisdom and skillset needed to raise the body for effectual mission and gospel engagement. 


Author Gary Comer provided significant challenge to our USMB conference’s lead pastors, associate pastors and other leaders at our July USMB Gathering 2022. The content provided is reinforced in his books, ReMission and Soul Whisperer. Each pastor was presented with a copy of ReMission and this was well received as it helped to drive home the need for significant changes in the way we pursue evangelism in our churches, and the principles for getting that done.
Don Morris
United States Mennonite Brethren, National Director
I have related to Gary for several years as a church planter, pastor and network leader. He has consistently brought a fresh insightful voice to every team, meeting and speaking engagement where I have involved him. In 2021 we had him to train our SBC Kansas pastors. Both in his presentations and his thoughtful writings, he introduces new thinking on how church leaders can better empower their people to fulfill the mission of Jesus. As a speaker, he has an engaging storied speaking style, is candid and accessible with his life, and passionate for God and the gospel. He takes initiative to connect with his audience which enhances his overall impact. I highly recommend him.
Jerry Conner
Executive Director of the Kansas City Kansas Baptist Association
I can honestly say that Gary Comer’s presentation on relational evangelism ignited something in our ministry. His fresh perspective on biblical truth took a difficult and intimidating topic and made it approachable and relatable to my team. One of his big strengths is how he breaks down gospel sharing into a relational process, and shows you structurally how faith formation unfolds. He teaches doable skills with many real stories that make the learning experience interesting. Since hosting Gary as a speaker for our ministry event, I have found myself more intentional regarding relationships with unbelievers. If you are looking for someone for your next conference or event, he is someone I always recommend.
Laura Bradshaw
President of Journey U Ministry, Houston, TX
I cannot think of something more important or challenging than for individual believers to share the good news of Jesus Christ in a way that others hear it and respond. Gary Comer brings an expertise in that arena that few possess. His teaching on the mission pattern of Jesus (his Soul Whisperer book content) takes evangelism into a conversation about influence dynamics. What he does, and what is unique, is how he infuses Christians with abilities that are so often lacking in their discipleship. His teaching is engaging. Our people loved his stories. You know he practices what he preaches, and uses his practical knowledge to train up others to be “influencers” for the gospel. We have had him do his seminar at our church, and also to speak to leaders at our Pastor’s Edge gathering. Gary has become an inspiring friend and partner in my work as a pastor here in Tucson, Arizona. I highly recommend Gary’s ministry as one who equips and inspires believers for effective evangelism and discipleship!
Jim Roden
Lead Pastor of Journey Church, Tucson, AZ

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