Dear Ministry Friends and Partners

2021 was a blessed ministry year. Below I have listed prayer requests for 2022, and recap some of what God did this past year. Can I first share some personal news—we just celebrated the wedding of our youngest son, Nathaniel, to Grace Gullen. What a sweet moment for our family! Grace and Nathaniel both served on Staff with Cru in San Luis Obispo. Their friends call them “a power couple,” in that they both have had meaningful ministries. We are thrilled to add such a beautiful daughter to our family.

As to Soul Whisperer Ministry, the 2022 calendar reflects continuity with a number of partnerships and some exciting new opportunities, too. We are deeply grateful to those who support us financially, and also for your prayers. These bullets can be a guide on how to intercede. Thank you! 

  • KC Kansas Pastors: In follow-up to a seminar in Kansas City, partnering with Director Jerry Conner, I continue with ReMission training of SBC pastors on zoom. Pray for these pastors to raise their game and chase after the director’s vision of doubling their kingdom footprint.
  • Pleasant Valley Baptist Church: From working with leaders last year, I continue to pour into three individuals as mission trainers for this large church in Missouri. Senior Pastor Merle Mees and I had an initial discussion on developing a “Mission Path.” Such an undertaking requires buy-in from the top for it to root in the culture. Please pray it does!
  • Journey U: Following in person training last fall in Houston, Journey U seeks to develop an outreach piece to their ongoing equipping. President Laura Bradshaw asked me to outline/design a 6-part practical curriculum, where my Soul Whisperer book will be used as the training resource. Deadline: February.
  • Pastor’s Edge: Pastor Jim Roden from Tucson invited me to address the “Pastor’s Edge” group on the ReMission book concepts. Pray for the impact of this April training.
  • US Mennonite Brethren. I am the keynote speaker at the USMB Pastor’s Conference in late July. It involves 6 presentations, and then also giving the opening talk at the General Conference. They have made reaching the lost, the conference theme. In ramp up, I wrote an article for the USMB Magazine, and did a podcast. Please pray for the impact of these efforts, and for God to prepare me for the conference itself. It will be stretching. I want to be at my best. Your prayers mean the world!
  • Talbot Seminary: From a large class of 24 students, I learned some things from this class that will sharpen me for years to come. Like the earlier class, two students led friends to Christ during their field work. There was also a promising footnote that occurred at the semester’s close. Following my “strong” teaching on the church needing to realign spiritual formation with mission centrality, I received a very gracious email from the Director of Spiritual Formation. We had a positive exchange on spiritual formation and mission, and are currently reading each other’s books with the intent of sitting down sometime this year. Please ask God to go before this interaction, the possibilities are thrilling!
  • Book Dreams: As to writing, I happen to be deep into two projects. At current I am in what I term “the valley of doubt” where I’m questioning if I will ever see a light at the end of the tunnel. I told Robin that I need to fight hard for rough drafts. The set-up for one of the books might be my best, but since it builds from a critiquing theme it is fraught with the danger of getting all my readers ticked off! Some of that response is inevitable, but I know I cannot be flippant and be credible. The book angle requires careful analysis and substantiated rationale.

Thank you for all your prayers! Once again, if you are on our support team or have the heart to partner with us (see links), we cannot thank you enough for your financial backing that undergirds it all. 
Gary Comer, Founder, Soul Whisperer Ministry

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