Soul Whispering Snapshot #3: Go Deep

Tawny tells me about her conversation with Armenian friend Dacia, who quickly shuts down her attempt to discuss faith. Armenians, by the way, are proudly Christian in the fact that they adopted Christianity even before Constantine. Yet Tawny senses her Christianity is merely cultural and not real. She asks me one night after our community […]

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The Power of Your Presence

Over the past years, I have taught Christians a Faith-Sharing Skills course. One of the issues facing the church today is how isolated Christians can get from non-believers. In every class, I ask participants to step up into the life of a non-Christian by connecting on a regular basis. Without this positioning, we do not […]

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Soul Whispering Snapshot #1: Drawing

This blog begins a series on evangelistic skills. My intention is to bring you into a vivid living color picture of reaching our world.                                                 —————————————————— “We don’t do the church thing in our family.” This rather curt, walk off, response came from Liz to her friend Anne. What do you do […]

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