Signature Jesus: Learning from the life of Christ

The last two weeks at Co+op we have had the opportunity to hear from two great guest speakers: Pastor Nathan Brown and Gary Comer.

Pastor Nathan spoke on “Satan’s Will for Your Life” where he highlighted the tactics of Satan. Such tactics included, emotional bankruptcy, and lies. Lies of inadequacy and entitlement. All Satan wants is for us to die alone, isolated, and in the dark.

Following this reconnaissance mission of the enemy’s movements in our lives, we had Gary Comer, who teaches the Steps to Faith and Basic Training classes, speak about Jesus’ Signature. How Jesus was and is a great story teller. Gary also challenged us to look deeper into Jesus’ interactions. Especially the interactions where He heals.

Even though these two points are seen as polar opposites, I see that God has made a connection by use of the Co+op name board.

As we came to the conclusion of the gathering last Wednesday night, we had an opportunity to write a name of someone who needs Jesus on the board, so that we can collectively pray for them. It was an amazing sight to see so many of the Co+op community write names on the board, but I was still just watching.

I didn’t put a name on the board. I know many people who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. For some reason, I didn’t add a name. I was even thinking of my friend from childhood, Joseph who I have ignored for the past year. I should be doing something about that relationship because my heart leads me to think of him and pray for him everyday, yet I haven’t thought about what was stopping me.

The main reason I haven’t written Joseph’s name up on the board is that I think I don’t have time. My time is important. I have a lot of important things to do. I always have something come up when Joe calls, but that’s a lie. Because I know I want to speak with him and visit with him, but I feel I’m entitled to my time.

I truly care for Joseph, and I know God is calling me be his friend, but I also feel I am not ready to have the “Jesus” conversation with him. Last Wednesday I realized what I was doing, and it was selfish, and I was listening to the lies of the enemy.

My thought of entitlement was a lie. My thought of inadequacy was a lie. I am more prepared then I’ll every be for today then yesterday. I know the Holy Spirit will help me through a conversation with Joseph. The topic of our conversations might not even be about Jesus. The point is that I talk with him and build back up the relationship.

It’s one thing to be intentional in talking about Jesus, and it’s another in being intentional by building relationships as Jesus would. Jesus cared for all the sick – not by spending money, but by knowing how they felt and sharing a moment of understanding with them. This connection is what can move hearts, heal bodies, and save souls. I can share that experience with my friend by being a friend.

I will be adding Joseph’s name to the board this week. I will intentionally start a new commitment to pray and be real with him as a friend.

-Aaron Stones

This post was originally posted on The Co+Op which is a part of Sandals Church in Riverside, CA.

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