ReMission Video Training Bundle

9 Training Videos
2 Training Guides (30 pages/ea)
4 Infographics
1 Online Coaching Session
1 ReMission book


Video Training

The 9 interactive ReMission videos feature the voices of 5 ministry leaders, selected solely because they had something valuable to contribute. Get ready to think deeply and sharpen over the fight for the mission vitality of the church. (Featuring: Christy Kohnle, Reggie Screen, Phillip Taylor, Mike Lee, and Ken Priddy.)

Facilitator/Participant Guide

Seeking to make this as user-friendly as possible, the Facilitator and Participant Guides outline the training sessions: Read, Review, Watch, Discuss. The Guides provide questions for working the book concepts into your picture. For the maximum benefits to your church, the Facilitator Guide provides additional input for achieving the main equipping and mobilization goals of the program.

Mission Concepts Infographics

As a design-oriented book, Mission Concept infographics supplement the study and create interesting conversation pieces for your team. The four graphics included: Top 10 Mission Skills; The REP: Relational Evangelism Process; The Mission Path; and Shaping Mission Culture.

Mission Coaching Call/Video

To provide support and answer pertinent questions, the program offers each purchaser one video session with author, Dr. Gary Comer.

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