Getting Out There!

While coaching one of our Network’s church planters, he tells me of his recent trip to the Grand Canyon, and a poignant moment that stirred him. He and his wife decided to join the crowd of paying customers to experience the multi-million dollar Grand Canyon Skywalk. Perhaps you have heard of the protruding over-the-edge glass floored platform that extends 70 feet outward, enabling people to walk out above the canyon, like on air. Moni described how it was a scary feeling, and how he clung to the side rail to comfort his vertigo-like sensation. But it was also a very cool visual experience!

After he finished the viewing trek, he stepped back to solid ground, where he noticed a man with a camera photographing his wife. She was out on the platform, but he was not. Moni then lightheartedly asked if he was going to join her, only to have him retort emphatically, “Absolutely not. I will never go out there!” Having returned to their hotel, after his mind had the time to ruminate a bit, he shared brokenly with his wife, how the mindset of that man reminded him of so many in his church. Something excitingly wonderful was being offered and extended before them, and yet they were only willing to venture so far. For whatever reason, they were failing to muster the courage to step into the-great-adventure-call of God, which would color their life with a new, invigorating vision. He knew they were missing it. This was breaking his heart.

As stewards of people’s Great Commission projection, today’s church leaders must create a pathway into mission. One thing is for sure. If you design a clear path for your people, increasing numbers will get out there! Like Moni who couldn’t force this man, you can’t coerce anyone either. But you can make a progressive path. And you can find ways to celebrate every courageous soul in your church who is willing to take a step! If you point the way, with significant clarity, undergirding support, and sufficient training—you will see Kingdom results! A new panoramic vista awaits—that can only come from mission’s thrilling lens!

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