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ReMission Leadership Training

Research reveals that large percentages of church members (around 75 percent, LifeWay & Christ Together concur) are not effectually engaging in the Great Commission call of Christ.

ReMission offers leadership solutions to the mission empowerment conundrum. It sharpens church staffs and their ministries for greater gospel mobilization.

I love this book! Comer educates and motivates the leader to realign his role to those he leads. His ideas must be talked about and applied to the present church at the highest levels so that it can be lived out by everyday followers of Christ.– David Mills, Senior Pastor

  • Having your team read the chapters and discuss the ending questions will evoke rich conversations and spur strategic thinking on how to go about today’s mission challenge.
  • The video-conferencing with staff and leadership brings Gary into the picture, enabling your people to process through their questions and to get close to his heart and insights. One lead pastor said, “There was not one question my staff asked that he did not provide a compelling answer.”

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