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Faith-Sharing Skills

  • Start where they are, Read what they need
  • Their skills precede his story
  • Identification + Insight = Impact
  • There’s a key to the Cross

The combination of Soul Whisperer book reading with interactive questions for your groups at each chapter’s close, watching training videos, and a video-conferencing session with Gary is a great way to excite your people for what God can do through them with the gospel.

  • We provide 11 training videos. (If your church is subscribed, RightNow Media carries the Soul Whisperer Study and has a great easy-to-use video platform, or we will provide you with direct links).
  • Once scheduled, we set up the video conferencing with your team. The time with Gary is both instructional and interactive. There should be a moderating leader on your end to facilitate and retrieve questions from your group.
  • We have a promotion package for you to use in your services and social media platforms. Here is our one of our promo videos:

Thank you for your submission. We will be in contact with you shortly to discuss further details and arrangements.