Steps to Faith

Everyone Has A Unique Pathway to Faith

Take the First Step!

  • Perhaps you are open to the Christian faith, but in no way convinced. You have legitimate questions, or lingering doubts.
  • Perhaps you seek a spiritual rooting – that comes from deep beliefs.
  • Perhaps you hope to experience the living God – in a way that’s real and sticks.
  • Perhaps you are searching for something compelling – a vision for your life.

Vignettes Inside:

The First Step • A Tale of Two Operators • Jesus: Poser or Pedigree? • Something Has Gone Really Wrong! • Jesus Came To Fix What We Can’t • The Meaning of the Cross • The Sign of the Resurrection • What’s Unique about Christianity • Miscues in Approaching Faith • Faith & Flying • Navigating Forward • Rear View Mirror • Stepping Up • What Surfers Know

If you are willing, simply to take the first exploring step, this book charts the way forward. It fulfills Jesus’ promise that “Those who seek will find.” Welcome to a discovery-path of unlimited potential. It can bless you – beyond measure!

To pursue your questions, curiosity, and longings, Steps to Faith can be read personally, with a Christian friend, or class/group at church.

What Others are Saying:

[quote source=”Mike Fabarez, senior pastor, Compass Bible Church, California”]Steps to Faith provides a useful and instructive guide to understanding and explaining the biblical truths that our world desperately needs to hear. Whether you want to know what it means to place your faith in Christ, or you seek to improve your dexterity in effectively leading others to faith in Jesus, this book is for you.[/quote]
[quote source=”Brent Strawsburg, president of Brent Strawsburg Apologetics, California”]I have known Gary Comer for 30 years. Rarely have I met someone who is so adept and so passionate about introducing people to Jesus Christ. In his book, Steps to Faith, Gary puts to paper what he has so effectively modeled out in is own life. His concepts are clear, easy to embrace, and transformational. I would eagerly recommend Gary’s book to anyone who wants to learn how to more effectively lead people to encounter Jesus. It’s a great read[/quote]

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