Launch Point

What If Small Groups Embarked on Mission Together…

In Their Own Backyards!

Whereas small groups have traditionally focused internally, many Christians nowadays are hungering for much more! Seeking to make a difference where they live, Christians desire mission. The Community Group Mission Guide focuses eight weeks of training – to launch groups in a dynamic mission trajectory!

Each group will engage holistically, showing the love of Christ and making disciples. Relationally angled, this series leads groups to assimilate the mission skill set of Jesus. Hold on! The stories of God are yet to be written. Who knows what God will do in the lives of your neighbors… your group… and your church?!

Session Titles

  1. The Soul Of Mission
  2. When Faith Is Fantastic
  3. Learning Faith Formation Process
  4. Getting Real for the Gospel
  5. The Gospel and Its Key
  6. Discerning Belief Barriers
  7. Coming Home to Jesus
  8. What Jesus Co-missioned Us to Do

What Others are Saying:

[quote source=”Dave Reynolds, Southwest Church Planting Director”]Gary Comer is one of the most mission-minded people I have ever met. He personally helps people turn to Jesus, and he has helped many Christians learn to live on mission. Launch Point is an inspiring, clear, and effective tool to help the people in your church reach the people in their world.[/quote]
[quote source=”Parnell M. Lovelace Jr., pastor, Center of Praise Ministries, California”]The material in this insightful curriculum captures the heartbeat of disciple-making, drawing from a depth of compassion and refreshing, Spirit-led small group/community group dynamics.[/quote]
[quote source=”Ken Priddy, Executive Director, The GO Center, South Carolina”]Jesus Christ was, and is, serious about the Great Commission, and so is Gary Comer. Launch Point equips the church with a valuable tool for leveraging small groups in the missionary process of making disciples. Primarily considered a vehicle for discipleship inside the church, small groups are mobilized to go outside to reach the lost. Discipling disciples is one thing: making disciples is quite another. Launch Point effectively puts small groups on mission.[/quote]

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