First Steps Discipleship Training

When It Comes to Disciple Making…
You Get What You Aim For!

Because the church grows at the edges, discipling new believers may be one of the most important things you do! Jesus knew this. At the pivotal post-resurrection point, he took the newer-in-faith and synergized a movement. Yet the biblical example and current trends do not match – churches lack consistently in four areas:
  • Aim: They fail to shoot for the new believers’ evangelistic influence.
  • Approach: They teach, but do not instill practices.
  • Angle: Non-relational follow up leads to disconnected disciples.
  • Anticipation: Limited time did not produce lasting impact.

Re-visioning, First Steps offer fourfold course correction. Set your sights on the superior targets – and exciting results await! This guide will prepare you for the biggest assignment ever given: turn simple followers into strategic players.

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What Others are Saying:

[quote source=”Andrew Boganwright, Pastor, Sandals Church, California”]One of the things I love about this course is that it combines fresh innovative content with solid skills. So often we are told what we should be doing, without the tools to get there. First Steps smashes the mold![/quote]
[quote source=”Joe Cox, Elder, Chorus Church, California”]Sunday was a great beginning for our First Steps Class. Response was fantastic, both in numbers and in the ‘spirit’ of the class![/quote]
[quote source=”Claude Hickman, Author of Live Life On Purpose”]I remember the day that I realized I could personally have a ministry. Not just my pastor. Not just my church staff. And if God wanted to entrust me with reaching the world, I was all in! First Steps in a unique discipleship guide, written to empower new believers with the same missional paradigm toward their world. May God use this book to awaken a whole new generation of laborers to be ‘all in’ for the harvest.[/quote]

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