First Steps Discipleship Training

The First Steps of Your Discipleship Journey…
Are More Important than You Think!

Are you seeking a strong spiritual walk? If you are willing to do some training – this course can get you there! Replicating Jesus’ exciting vision, First Steps teaches six key practices – to establish your faith and empower your mission! Come journey alongside others to gain a stride – that will bless you for the rest of your life!

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First Steps Skillset

  • Develop a method for getting the most from your Bible
  • Adopt the simple pattern of conversational prayer
  • Experience the life-changing power of confessional abiding
  • Take steps into deeper relationships and service
  • Learn skills to touch your world with the love and message of Christ!

What Others are Saying:

[quote source=”Chelsea”]This class taught me more about Christianity than I’ve ever known before. Coming into it, all I had was an open mind and things to learn. Coming out, I was completely changed.[/quote]
[quote source=”Debbie”]My favorite part was the devotional pattern F.I.R.S.T. Soooo powerful![/quote]
[quote source=”Christopher”]The other day I offered to lead my wife in prayer for the first time. She looked at me stunned, saying, “What is happening with you?[/quote]
[quote source=”Jarred”]The Gospel Key has helped me share my faith with friends.[/quote]
[quote source=”Yvonne”]I learned so much about God’s words, Jesus, my prayer life, how to understand the Bible, and how to introduce my faith to others.[/quote]

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