Soul Whispering Snapshot #1: Drawing

This blog begins a series on evangelistic skills. My intention is to bring you into a vivid living color picture of reaching our world.                                                 —————————————————— “We don’t do the church thing in our family.” This rather curt, walk off, response came from Liz to her friend Anne. What do you do […]

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Looking Back at Your Life Map

Have you ever made a life map? It is an exercise where you look back at your life and categorize the big events by designating them as either good or bad. To create a visual picture of your journey, you lay them out on paper using different color post-it-notes. If you have done this before, […]

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New Believers and The West Coast Offense

Do we have a hindering bias toward new believers? After extensive interview research, I came to that conclusion. The fact is many think new believers are second-string benchwarmers not ready for the big game. Compounding this unspoken sentiment, I found that leaders tended to view the gospel unilaterally. In other words, they envisioned the gospel […]

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