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Author: Gary Comer

Zovirax for cheap

Blog recipients: To supplement one of our YouTube videos, we linked this chapter from Soul Whisperer. Enjoy! — Chapter 18 — PERSPECTIVE SHIFTS  The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see. —WINSTON CHURCHILL   I don’t know if this reflects a masochistic desire for pain, or sheer stupidity, but I […]

Be a Picture for God

Paul and the Gospel: There are so many things to learn from God’s chosen “instrument” to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15). What a calling! When God looked down from heaven, it might seem like he chose the wrong guy. Yet we know in God’s infinite wisdom, this was no mistake. God saw in Paul many things that […]

How Evangelism Got Lost

I know the title puts the skids on for some. What? Evangelism lost? That didn’t happen. You are right in the sense that God continues to reach people, and he continues to use his church, unquestionably. But what I am insinuating did happen. A shift took place that relegated evangelism from prominence. I believe such […]

God’s Globes

It’s that cinematic celebration time of year again. We are now only days away from the Oscars. I watched its precursor, the foreign press’s Golden Globes. Did you tune in? I enjoy these cultural events; there always seems to be something worth noting. And no different this year—it arrived from the words of George Clooney. […]

Mission Atrophy

I played football at Long Beach State University. A walk on, I fought my way up from the bottom rungs of the depth-chart to second string status; that is until I blew out a knee in the final Spring game. Ouch! It wasn’t the worst kind (medial collateral ligament tear), but it did require the […]

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