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Author: Gary Comer

God’s Globes

It’s that cinematic celebration time of year again. We are now only days away from the Oscars. I watched its precursor, the foreign press’s Golden Globes. Did you tune in? I enjoy these cultural events; there always seems to be something worth noting. And no different this year—it arrived from the words of George Clooney. […]

Mission Atrophy

I played football at Long Beach State University. A walk on, I fought my way up from the bottom rungs of the depth-chart to second string status; that is until I blew out a knee in the final Spring game. Ouch! It wasn’t the worst kind (medial collateral ligament tear), but it did require the […]

New Believer Ministry Matters

Standing before the class, the teacher asked the question: When you became a Christian, how many of your friends were non-Christians? “All of them,” replied Chris. Stop for a moment to let his statement sink in. All of his friends were outside the church. Wow! If you can’t see the missional opportunity there, you need […]

Culture Mirror

My pastor friend, Mike Barnes, recently attended a public city gathering in the spirit of meeting new people from the community. The event began with an ice-breaking activity as a mixer. Everyone got a piece of paper taped to his or her back with the name of a specific people-group category. The participants were then […]

Missional Doctorate Anyone?

If you, or someone you know, are ready to take a higher education step in the area of church growth expansion, please consider the attached flyer. (Don’t hesitate to forward it on!) This is the program of my doctorate. I loved the connection with the cohort, the class material, and most of all, the extended […]

God’s Withholdings

When the months of searching for a full-time job turned into years, oddly, we settled into feeling displaced. Uncertainty about your future is not a comfortable place to be, especially when it extends over time. Some of you know my story. Anyone who reads Soul Whisperer will get an insider’s look at my journey into […]

Reunion Worthy?

Been to a reunion lately? Designing a discipling path at Sandals Church, I had a light bulb moment regarding this notion, which I have deemed valuable. Trust me here. Making media history, the television show Lost became a cultural phenomenon, with a gigantic following boarding a plane to nowhere, or somewhere—it’s still hard to know […]

Who We Need to Become

One of the things I take pride in—is my attempt to take the evangelism conversation to a much deeper place. I have often said that Soul Whisperer is in actuality a book on discipleship. By interpreting Christ’s mission skills, it addresses “who” we need to become as influencers. For the relevance, see if you can […]

Launch Point: Moving Small Groups into Mission

Of the four Missional Engagement Series books, the largest orders have occurred with this one. Though I think each piece has equal merit for expanding influence, this vehicle has struck a chord with church leaders wanting their groups to lovingly bless and reach their neighborhoods. Being relationally glued, almost every church has small groups. Being […]