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Author: Gary Comer

Mission in the Age of COVID-19

What does it mean to be on mission in the context of “social distancing,” fear of getting sick, or furthering the virus’ spread? What about the numerical gathering guidelines? Is the church online the new church gathered? These are ongoing questions. Granted, no one has a crystal ball to know what will unfold. We do know God is sovereign, and in control of everything, and not surprised by anything. We can fully trust in this tremendous comforting truth!


(Note: Being sensitive to missions’ anonymity concerns, I received the author’s permission for this public review). Great books have a way of stirring the heart and imagination, and moving the pendulum on how we think and where we need to go. David Joannes’s, The Mind of a Missionary, succeeds in all these ways. You might […]

On Ambition: Johnny Depp’s Depth

In one of my training classes a college student inquired about how to reach his highly ambitious friend. How could he talk to a person who is driven for success? Does the gospel have appeal to someone like him? So, we sat and deliberated for a time about his dream-driven mentality. Soon, ideas began to percolate about where conversations […]

The Church’s Tipping Point for Change

Standing by a melting glacier (Alaska) felt like a profound experience. Huge geological forces like these have a way of setting my mind in motion on what they illustrate metaphorically. As a mission guy, I could not resist penning some paralleling thoughts on today’s shrinking North American church. Like global warming, we should not close […]

How a Small Group Out-Missioned a Whole Church

Recently, I have had three pastors convey how unfruitful their church has been evangelistically. One was candid enough to admit that their 120 plus church had not reached even one person with the gospel—all year. The other two scenarios were not much better. When you see inclose what is actually happening (or not happening), the tale that I […]